Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

nut nut CNUT + endo + 2 = CNUTENDO 2

Ahoy matey.....

besides photography, i'm a big fan of music. i've played in some really-really minor band with my pal in junior high, senior high, and in collage (even though all of my collage years band mate is not from the same collage as mine). and i like to come to any gigs when i have a spare time and want to drowning in the euphoria of a music gig.

talking about gig, i wanna share my experience in one of the gig that i attended to a while ago in 2010. it's called CNUTendo 2.
a li'l bit about CNUTendo, it's a 8 bit gig that held by a fan base community for a band called Cacat Nada. This community called CNUT (Cacat Nada Untuk Teman). eventually the president and the vice president of this community is good friends of mine that i know from KLASTIC, Kia (the owner of this funny blog called GOBLOKNYAKIA) and Ichak (the owner of this cool blog SEMPAKUSUT)

Actually it's a second gig of CNUTendo. Many chiptune bands, of course, were played in this gig. My favourite performer are Microgore, Bibir Merah Berdarah, Massive Until Morning, Sebiron, Sunday Carousel, Local Drug Store, and of course Cacat Nada.

CNUTendo 2 is kinda my first chiptune gig..hahahhahaha...(just ignore this)...i'm hoping there are more chiptune gigs that i can attend to..

like usual, here's some picture that i took from the gig...

nintendocore ala Microgore..aaagggghhhhhh

cool sounds from Bibir Merah Berdarah

indiepop with chiptune flavor from Turboblip (i guess)

cheers for the crowds

cheers for the crowds

fast chiptune by Sebiron..very energetic

Toys of Vega..cute
Toys of Vega

another fast chiptune make you wanna dance..Massive Until Morning

Sunday carousel..suddenly i'm a fan for their female vocalist :p

A very-very cool sound indeed..Local Drug Store

the main act..CACAT NADA

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