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Little Mr. Cool and compact

picture taken from's been a while since my last post guys, it's time to write again with such an eager spirit (HAHAHHA)...

actually i don't have any idea what to write right now, so i decide to continue my camera review on another member of my collection, the cool mr. olympus XA2.

Review about this camera has been done in a lot of photography blog, but i try too summarize it in here and to fulfill my promise to do review on every analog camera that i have or i had used before...

I bought my XA2 from my friends who often do bidding on ebay than he sells it back in indonesia. I get it for Rp. 500.000 and it comes from UK. 

XA2 is the modified version based on the earlier olympus XA. It went on the market in the 1980. XA2 lost the rangefinder from the XA and its functions were limited to AE programed and 3-zone autofocus. The XA2 was the first camera to win a good design award from the japanese ministry of international trade and industry. It has 35mm 1:3.5 4-element lens. And for the loss of the rangefinder, XA2 change the focus into three zonal focus which are; close (1.2m-1.8m), near (1.2m-) and far (6.3m-infinity).

Uses the same flash module(s) as the all XA series. Pictured is the admittedly low-power but super-small X11 flash. The flash unit attaches to the side of the camera with a thumbscrew mechanism, and in doing so activates the dormant flash coupling feature. Set to ASA 100, 400, or FULL. When attached the flash becomes part of the camera, transforming it into another entity altogether.

In my opinion, XA2 is not a toycamera because even though it has small body, it still looks like camera not a toy and too cool to be a crappy plastic or toy camera..(heheheheh) is more into the lo-fi i guess...(it is really my personal opinion lads..)

We could do a little bit exploring on this camera such as overlapping panoramic and the multiple exposure. ha, for the tricks to do these stuffs check out this cool shit that my friends made, Multiple exposure/Double ExposurePanoramic on XA2.

In conclusion i'm happy to recommend XA2 as a small, fun, and quirky alternative to the overpriced the LOMO LC-A (not that i hate LOMO, it's more like i can't afford this such things...LOL). I have used my XA2 for about 14 rolls of films. here's a little bit my work with XA2.

fyuuuuh..finally it's done....

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