Senin, 09 April 2012

Ario and Nucha's Engagement

haiya there my dear blog viewer or reader...

it's been a long long time i haven't posts anything on this blog.. :D :D

now, it's my first post on 2012...

my best friend, Nucha, get engage on april, 1st 2012 with a good man, Ario Pratomo (hope you guys will happily ever after, and the wedding party will goes well, and you guys will always let me do any kind of photoworks for you.. :D)..she asked me to do the photo's documentation for the engagement party. i can't say no to that of course. it's simply because she is my dear friend and it's a pleasure for me to do some photoworks for some one i know dearly..

so here's the photos:

so, congratulation's been a pleasure and an honor to documenting one of the important moments on your life...

cheers...... :D :D

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