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The Cool Olympus µ-1 (Stylus)


back again with another camera review from me.....
now i'm gonna write about the cool Olympus µ-1 a.k.a. stylus (for the american).

i got it from my girlfriend. It was her camera back when she was in elementary. She gave it to me...(thanks a bunch hon...).
You guys can get it from e-bay for 10-30usd (some crazy guy sells it for 99usd and 80.5usd) or if you in indonesia you could hunt it down in some local flea market, in jakarta you could go to pasar baru, Jembatan item jatinegara, pasar kebayoran lama, etc. The price is around 20.000-200.000 rupiahs depending on the condition. Or if you prefer to buy it online, you could search it on on their FJB (Forum jual beli) or in facebook or in tokobagus. The price is about 100.000-250.000 rupiahs.

The camera tech spec:
  • Lens: 35mm, f/3.5 (3 elements in 3 groups).
  • Active multi-beam autofocus with 100-steps for a huge range of distances. Pre-focus lock enabled.
  • Film format: 35mm DX-coded film, ISO 50-3200.
  • Automatic exposure with shutter speeds of 1/15-1/500s.
  • Self Timer
  • Film advance: Autowind and rewind.
  • Integrated flash with four modes: Auto, red eye reduction, fill-in, disabled.
  • LCD with battery check and frame counter.
  • Tripod Mount.
  • Power: 3V lithium CR123A
The Olympus Mju is a great pocket/point to shoot camera. With quite a fast lens (f/3.5), auto focus, built in flash , and automatic exposure, it gives you a complete small camera..
The focusing is great! The lens is sharp! The fill in flash mode will give you quite tolerable flash light amount on your image. The motor drive is smooth though it's a little bit noisy..
The Epic/MjuI adjusts the flash output match the aperture that it uses and the distance that the camera is focussed at. In other words uses the guide [number = aperture x distance] rule. Good point about this is that you can pre-focus on a face, re-compose and get a face properly exposed still


These are some image examples from me :

Using Kodak Gold 200

Using Kodak Gold 200
Using Kodak Gold 200

Using Agfa Vista 200
Using Agfa Vista 200
Using Ilford Delta 400
Using Ilford Delta 400

i hope my review will help you for a camera references...

Cheers....keep analog, keep using films!

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