Sabtu, 28 April 2012

The Indonesian Proud! Fujica M-1!


there are a lot of blog reviewing FUJICA M-1....hemmmmm....
Here are some of the blogs who has review "THE INDONESIAN LO-FI PROUD!FUJICA M-1"


so, i guess i don't have to write again about the specs yeah?you could check  those blogs..

i'm feel a discouragement after i show those reviews...what could more i say about this camera?
i'm losing words to write this review man....eggghhhh

but, what the heck!
so, let's straight to my opinion then...

A great toy camera..considering it's from indonesia.. :D (i am proud to be INDONESIAN!)
The vignetting is WOW..holga like...but somehow it's like a shy vignetting..sometimes there are, and some times they aren't

Fujica M-1 is a great great great toy camera! you guys really should to have it....

here some of my picture using Fujica M-1

Horicolor 100
Horicolor 100
Horicolor 100 

Horicolor 100
Elitechrome 400
Elitechrome 400
Elitechrome 400
Elitechrome 400

Cheers guys......see you in another review....
Longlive Analog!

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  1. om ajarin aku dong saya pake prima 35 ga jauh sama m1 plis ya om hehe :) bolehkah

    1. wah i'm so sorry nih baru baca....hmmm ajarin nya gimana yah...y sama2 aja sih...boleh gw aja klo bener2 mau blajar..atau datang aja klo klastic lagi ada event