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Ломо Смена Символ (Lomo Smena Symbol)

Haiya guys!

i'm back..it's been 2 months since my last post.. :D

for this Review, i decided to go with my Ломо Смена Символ (Lomo Smena Symbol)

I got my smena from my friend, Mr Harya Nartama. he sold his smena to me for about 600k rupiahs (it's about $60 usd, i guess). Harya got the smena from his friend in ukraine, kewl huh? :p

The camera itself, made by LOMO (not lomography, the maker of fisheye, supersampler, and so on) and produced between 1971-1993. Mine was produced between 1971-1972. There are 8 types and 3 sub-types of the smena symbol. Export type were named as Revue 135 Symbol, Panorama, and Cosmic Symbol.
Smena symbol is one of the smena series. Actually smena symbol is an inproved Smena 8m with a film advance lever (replacing the knob) coupled with shutter cocking, which make the camera much faster and more convenient in use. Smoothly working shutter release lever replaced the crude button on top of the Smena 8m body, sadly the cord release socket was deleted. A flash is now synchronized by a hot shoe contact instead.

The Lomo Smena Symbol Techspec:
  • Lens:LOMO (ЛОМО) T-43 (Triplet) 40mm f/4 filter slip-on
  • Aperture: f/4-f/16
  • Focus range: 1-10m +inf
  • Focusing: manual, guess the distance or use symbols on the scale, or you can use the Blik accessory rangefinder
  • Shutter: leaf shutter, speeds: 1/15-1/250 +B w/synchronizer
  • Hot-shoe
  • multiple exposure protection (i don't really know where is it exactly about this protection though.. :P)
  • The body construction is made from plastic...

 Anyway, it is a great camera. It's easy to use, it takes excellent and sharp photos that can range from totally Lomographic (don't think just shoot philosophy or shoot from the hip thingies) to fully classic and composed. You have a lot of control with this camera. You should be careful when loading the film;the little tooth on the film spool (where the film loads onto from the cartridge) doesn't catch the film sometimes. Try to use some tape if you have that problem. Focusing is unaided, since this is a very basic camera and lacks a range finder, you can try to use BLIK accessory rangefinder to solve it.

You guys should remember, LOMO Smena Symbol does not guarantee the photographic awesomeness unless the photographer had it before buying/using the camera, it all depends on the photographer not the camera.

Here's some of my picture using the LOMO Smena Symbol:


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