Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Pure Saturday Grey Concert

twilight, as a dream may fall
horizon's chased by a brave men's heart
shimmering night, don't follow the dark
when we live in lies, then we'll drop the line
"Lighthouse - Pure Saturday"

On May, 15th 2012, I went to their launching concert. It simply because i love the band so much and they're one of the greatest Indie band from Indonesia. The concert were great. It divided into 2 sessions. The First one is quite different from any other of their performance. they sung all the song from the "Grey" Album. The last session is quite great also. Because the band show their appreciation to the loyal fans (including me..heheh :p) and it feels so intimate...And they sung some the old hits from their old albums such as Desire, Kosong, and so on. And also they collaborated with other musicians; Rekti from The Sigit, Cholil from EfekRumahKaca, and the Great Yockie Suryoprayogo.
So here are some photos that i took (sadly some of the concert photos are MX badly with some old photos. It's because i don't realize that i used a roll film that i have used before...FU*K.)

all the photos are belong to me
all the photos are taken by the Olympus Mju 1 using Kodak Portra 160NC

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